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Friday, January 28, 2011

KDR of 55? o.0

Just had a TDM on Firing Range and went 55-0 o.0 of course I was not recording, these matches only happen when I dont have my stuff set up! Dam u Theather Mode! I need you Nowwwww! :) Commentary coming tommorow (Friday) stay tuned ;)


  1. Hi Darzan 303 im the kid who sent you a request the other day named (UNC)BlAcK=oPz... i was just wondering why you declined it? I mean I am a huge fan and watch your videos all the time and im 6th prestige so idk ...RPLY

  2. Nice! :D I love ur comments :)

    I just discovered this blog.. a great one, but the font is very weird :S

    Keep it up man, i got my black ops wii in 2-4 days now :)

  3. i like ur videos man i sent u a ally request and im artruro66

  4. i wil sent my ally code tommorow when i am playing black ops again i think that its at 12 o clock

  5. hey dazran been tryin to conact u for a while but do you accept waw friend requests