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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


☢CHANNEL UPDATE☢ Hey everyone! I just want to explain I am very busy this month with work but I will still manage uploads for Thursday and Saturday! Also Working on a new project series that should make for really good viewing!! Take Care all, u guys are the best! :)


  1. hi, i'm irock97 (1007-4631-7861)i added you on black ops just now. i'm kind of a fan of yours and i was wondering if you could post up some zombie gameplay because you play so well on multiplayer. (i'm really excited for your new project series and hope you can manage your time with work and gaming!)

  2. 3265-0755-7256 Gavin from South west Scotland. Had your old account but can't seem to find your new code anywhere? probably somewhere simple but anyways. hope to get a game sometime.

  3. hey if you could add me on the new account that would be great i would try tommorow but i have school and would really like to add you ally code: 4491-6657-3626

  4. hey dazran 303,have u ever thought about posting ur arse crack on this,judging by the sharpness of ur chin id say ur butt cheeks would have a lovely smooth texture to them.